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How to remove lamination
How to remove lamination

We provide world class services in de-lamination of documents. We have a laser technology for de-lamination process. We also have experience since 1993 in lamination and delamination of documents.


Safe & Secure

Your document security and privacy is kept confidential and are not regenrated or photocopied



Please connect @ your phone through whatsapp for faster response. Updates on work can also be correspondent on Whatsapp


World Wide Service

Document can be courier from anywhere around the world. Those will be delaminated within 24 hours and courier back to the address



No advance required and payment can be made after you receive your document back.


We’re committed to providing the best customer service possible. Luckily we have the solution for the past more than 15 years, We have developed a patented solution that has proven itself time after time with all our happy customers. We would be happy to consult you and solve your problem.

We research on lamination process

  • The age of the document
  • How the lamination was done
  • The present condition of the lamination
  • Was the paper damaged before lamination
  • The quality of laminated material (thickness or micron)
  • The thickness of the paper
How to remove lamination


The process of lamination and de-lamination is been shown in this video, force full removal of lamination/plastic sheet from certificates, documents, blueprint, bonds is called de lamination or lamination removal. Its quite a dangerous/risk process to do because the plastic material melts and bonds with the paper in it. so don't try to remove lamination yourself

A force full removal of laminated documented can lead to
  • Permanent document damage
  • Wear and tear of the residual paper
  • Loss of the "stamp" ink on the paper
  • Damage to "seal" ink on the paper
  • The colour of the ink fades

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